How to Capture 360 Degree Videos on iPhone 5

There are plenty of iOS and Android developers out there who get creative with their applications, but Egos Ventures, have taken things to a whole new level. Own accounts of the company based in Atlanta Georgia, as a “laboratory of innovation”, and applications Cycloramic pro, the shoe certainly fits. First application of this equipment makes use of the high quality camera and the vibration motor in the iPhone 5s from Apple and the iPhone 5 to transform either movable in a 360 degree panoramic camera handsfree or a video camera 360 degrees at the touch of a button.


Thanks to the flat edges and balanced weight distribution of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, Cycloramic Pro [Read review here] is able to use vibration motors handsets’ to actually physically turn the device on a flat surface while recording. This means that the phones are capable of recording HD video capture 360 ​​degrees or 360 degrees, 44 megapixel panoramas without any user intervention – just place it on a flat surface, press a button and slowly rotate the phone 360 degrees as a panoramic photo capture or video.

From now on, Cycloramic pro only supports the iPhone 5 (and above) and video recording, but the people of Egos Ventures, which promises that the next version will be compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as panoramic photos. Be sure to check out the video below for a preview of Cycloramic 2.0.

Cycloramic pro is not new. The application launched late last year, but has since been updated with lots of new amazing features. Most importantly, the original version of the application does not include the 360 ​​degree panorama handsfree latest. The user interface has also been updated and goes very well with Apple iOS Style 7.

360 panorama

360 Panoramic App Review For iPhone and iPad

Creating a panoramic photo can be an easy task, Assuming You have the right camera. While the stock Camera app built into iOS does not eat with a panoramic feature, the app store is here to help in a big way. An app Which has been around for a while called 360 panoramic Panoramic making is the premier app for iOS. Once you use it, you’ll see why. Read on as we take you through a detailed 360 Panoramic for iPad and iPhone review.

360 panorama app

The application has panoramic 360 scanning using a method where you move the camera around until you have completed the total area of ​​the dividing lines after sewing is complete. Then you can see either picture as seen below, in your online account or the application using the gyroscope.

The first time you launch the application, you are immediately immersed in what appears inside a cylindrical room. The application will ask if they can search the photo library for other files created with 360 panoramic Panoramic. If this is really his first time ever using the application, you will have to just hit jump forever and move on.

Just open the application and you get a grid world around you to align on. Touch to take the first shot and then just turn left or right a bit and the next shot is taken automatically. Only continue to rotate until the entire scene captured or until capture. The app will automatically stich together and do the scene.

You can leave a devoted 360 ° to the cloud and share it with your friends via email, Twitter or Facebook, or you can export a flattened cloth to camera roll or email. If something gets in the way, there is unfortunately no way to edit it out. You either have to take the shot again or start over. Of course, a flattened version you can edit in your favorite editing application such as Photoshop and clone out what got in the way.

Occipital has also mentioned that holding the phone at an angle also allows you to maximize the capture area. This is a great option if you have a good quality of light. In a dimly lit environment, this feature was not too big and I still recommend holding it in portrait.

Once you have finished creating your panoramic shot, you can see directly into the application as a picture 360 views. Simply rotate the phone and the gyroscope feature automatically pan photography is alive for you (see video, for example). You also have the option to save the image in the camera roll as a regular image, send it via email or upload. Some files allow full 360 too. Nice little add for those who want an interactive photography.

After the panorama is assembled, you can choose to save it in the camera roll to send it as a flat image with email or share it as a 360 ° . To take advantage of the latter , you must create an account Verse 360 – the portal connected to 360 Panorama – through the application registration . The free account only has limited functions and storage capacity , but if you want you can upgrade to a Pro account by buying credits from 360 Panorama. Note for developers : the addition of an extensive and clear guidance in the application of the entire trial would help more than a few users , I’m sure.

360 Panorama is very basic options : you can not do much to improve the panoramic image , besides trying to be careful when frying . With automatic capture function can be fine in some cases , but most of the time is definitely too problematic to handle in order to take precise shots , especially in the absence of a tripod : to be able to adjust the angle and perspective before the shot is automatically adopted is impossible at times. After several failed attempts, the task can be frustrating. iPhone photography should be fun , but make 360 Panorama do their job properly most of the time not. List of Panorama Applications for iPhone and iPad:

360 Panoramic is a basic application that should be on every iPad and iPhone devices owner. This is a free app and works great. The attention to detail gave developers provides 3D panoramic and stitched that you can interact with. If you are looking for an application to take panoramic photos, your search should begin with this application.