How to Capture 360 Degree Videos on iPhone 5

There are plenty of iOS and Android developers out there who get creative with their applications, but Egos Ventures, have taken things to a whole new level. Own accounts of the company based in Atlanta Georgia, as a “laboratory of innovation”, and applications Cycloramic pro, the shoe certainly fits. First application of this equipment makes use of the high quality camera and the vibration motor in the iPhone 5s from Apple and the iPhone 5 to transform either movable in a 360 degree panoramic camera handsfree or a video camera 360 degrees at the touch of a button.


Thanks to the flat edges and balanced weight distribution of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, Cycloramic Pro [Read review here] is able to use vibration motors handsets’ to actually physically turn the device on a flat surface while recording. This means that the phones are capable of recording HD video capture 360 ​​degrees or 360 degrees, 44 megapixel panoramas without any user intervention – just place it on a flat surface, press a button and slowly rotate the phone 360 degrees as a panoramic photo capture or video.

From now on, Cycloramic pro only supports the iPhone 5 (and above) and video recording, but the people of Egos Ventures, which promises that the next version will be compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as panoramic photos. Be sure to check out the video below for a preview of Cycloramic 2.0.

Cycloramic pro is not new. The application launched late last year, but has since been updated with lots of new amazing features. Most importantly, the original version of the application does not include the 360 ​​degree panorama handsfree latest. The user interface has also been updated and goes very well with Apple iOS Style 7.